Thank you for your interest in our small, women owned and operated day spa! To book your appointment, please call or text (603)-867-8146! Our goal is to provide everyone with affordable, yet luxurious spa experience! We believe everyone deserves self care and relaxation on a regular basis. Our team is dedicated to perfecting every detail in your overall experience. Let us help you achieve your #Gorgeous Goals!

Our Mission

#Gorgeous Goals Face & Spa is dedicated to providing a luxurious experience for our clients at extremely reasonable prices. We believe that the services we provide are necessary for our clients well being and self confidence. Since these services are essential, why would anyone need to pay outrageous prices that so many other spas charge? We understand that people have financial struggles here and there, but self-care and wellness should not be sacrificed. Ask yourself, what are your #Gorgeous Goals? How can we help you achieve them?